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3 Tips to Effortlessly Throw Your Child’s Birthday Party

I remember throwing my daughter’s 1st birthday party. My Pinterest board was overwhelmingly filled with DIY “winter wonderland” galore. Lots of silver tulle, glitter, and paper flowers…anything trendy would surely be considered in making a grand appearance. I spent many sleepless nights at my dining room table prepping for her birthday, with my glue gun, stencils, and cardstock, ready to WOW my guests.

Planning that party hits close to home, simply because that’s where I found my way into the industry today as an Event Designer specializing in backdrop décor. My thoughts and ideas were scattered about…and so was my décor. Today, my perspective has shifted a bit. I live by the motto, “less is more”. So simply said, yet poetic words to my soul.

Based on trial and error over the years, I’ve come to find that there are three aspects of décor that I will continually recommend to my clients for children party decor. And the great thing is that these can easily fit into a budget conscious parent, while being esthetically pleasing to the eyes and easy on your wallet.

Read below to see my 3 must-haves to throw an insta-worthy party.

Decide On Your Theme and Color Palette

Sounds simple enough right? Well, it can be. One of the biggest misconceptions I often see is that we must add it all. How easy it is to become overwhelmed with all the pretty things we see on Instagram and Pinterest but fight the urge! Your wallet will thank you. Once you decide on your theme, search Instagram hashtags for ideas, such as #mermaidpartyinpo #dinoballoons #frozenpartyideas … just some examples to get you started!

Pinterest is a great resource as well for party inspiration. After you gather your inspo photos, decide on your colors. Will it be seafoam green, purple, and turquoise or will you add in nude and muted tones with soft pink instead? The trick is being consistent with your colors throughout the party décor by keeping things clean and cohesive.

Once your colors are decided, you’re on your way to throwing an epic party.

Create a Focal Point (With Balloons!)

A-list celebrities have been at the forefront of trendy balloon setups such as the Kardashians and Jessica Simpson. This has created a wave of powerful influence in the world of balloon décor as we know it.

I may be a bit biased, but balloon décor can complement your focal point and bring your theme or color palette to life. Often placed in a central location, this is the perfect place where your guest of honor, along with friends and family will gather to take photos. The backdrop is meant to encompass the theme of your event.

Keep your backdrop simplified and clean by avoiding clutter. Using your dining room table or an entryway table is a great way to display your cake and eye-catching desserts. Consider adding a tablecloth to create a polished look (just remember to steam or iron out those wrinkles!).

Add a fun organic balloon garland into your focal point so your photos stand out. Consider adding in a small touch of faux greenery, flowers, or seaweed to dress up your balloons. Shop our luxe balloon garlands kits, the perfect touch to any party

Children’s Table

Adding on a children’s table in conjunction with your backdrop setup looks great in photos and creates a magical experience for your little ones. Keep the tabletop clean and cluttered free by adding in mini water bottles with personalized labels.

Layering your lunch and dessert plates creates a luxury feel to any tabletop. Place your napkin beside your utensils. Get creative with some mismatch plates. We love both Meri Meri and Amazon for their bespoke designs. Add in some crayons and coloring pages for a fun activity to keep your little ones busy while eating!

Don’t have access to kid’s chairs? Adding in your couch throw pillows to your floor is a fun option. Amazon carries a large selection of pillow covers to fit your color palette. You’re now on your way to throwing an epic party! Click here to shop our luxe balloon garland kits

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